Living in the future.

A truly smart home is as high-touch as it is high-tech. 

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Instant WiFi

Secure internet for tenants, coverage for the property.

Increased NOI

Monetize the most important property feature that tenants want.

Smart Everything

From smart locks and thermostats to leak detection and more.

Simple support, built in.

USA-based agents that are experts in managed networks and telecommunications.  

All systems are monitored 24x7x365.  If there's a problem, we might know before anyone on the property.  If it's a carrier issue, we work with them to restore services.  If it requires hands-on support, we dispatch locally.

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live technical support

Does the technology on property matter?

The numbers say yes.

Of 18-34 year-olds have never subscribed to a cable TV service
Average number of streaming service subscriptions per household
2022 IoT device market globally
Of property managers, developers, and owners say technology attracts residents

Totally Brandable

Colors and logos per property

Easy & Secure

Per-unit private networks

Guest Services

Time, device, and payment options

Seamless Coverage

Privacy anywhere on property

Performance matters.


It starts with data center-grade self-optimizing connections


The most secure and seamless managed experience


Add private or public devices for security and convenience


Per-unit technology services directly to bottom line

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