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  • ATTN Solutions In-Region (QC) Sales ID:

  • ATTN Solutions Out-of-Region (QCC) Sales ID:

  • A-Team (QC) Ordering Process:

    You will need the Case Number, the Opportunity Number, and the customer on the line. The A-Team will provide an Order Number that must be relayed back to attach to the Master Agent Order.
  • A-Team (QC) Ordering Toll-free Number:

  • What is a “Pramata” number?

    Pramata is Lumen’s contract tracking software. If you have a Pramata ID, the contract has been loaded into Lumen’s contract tracking system.
  • What is a an “Oppty ID” number?

    This is Lumen’s Salesforce opportunity record ID. Salesforce is the operational tool that Lumen uses to move and track orders through the organization.