The Open Source MSP Project (Libre MSP)
Sharing more to improve the industry

The Open Source MSP Project means to make the underlying framework, methodology, and processes of an IT Managed Services business publicly available.

This allows other individuals and organizations to study, modify, and use the business model for their own purposes, free of charge.

The concept of open sourcing a business model is similar to the idea of open source software. Just as open source software allows developers to access, modify, and distribute the source code of a program freely, open sourcing a business model enables others to use and improve upon the processes and strategies that make up the model.

Open sourcing a business model can lead to a more collaborative and innovative business ecosystem, as it allows for greater transparency and sharing of knowledge.   This is a way to encourage innovation and build a stronger, more sustainable IT Managed Services ecosystem.

Here is where it gets opinionated: IT Managed Services has a well deserved reputation problem.  Whether it's solutions that are too nerdy for the clients to understand, techs and engineers that lack interpersonal or social skills, or solutions that are not a fit for the operating business model, MSPs miss the mark too often.  

A great MSP delivers an elegant technical solution that enhances the client's operational efficiency in a way that makes the client feel great about it..

In this model, the most technical MSP has only 1/3 of the business figured out.  An MSP with an understanding and appropriate empathy for the client's business operations has another 1/3.  An MSP that also delivers the solution appropriately based on how the client feels about it - meaning every interpersonal interaction from proposal, to sale or client buy-in, to the technical implementation - has the complete package.  

It's past time the industry stepped up the operational excellence. It's about time technology was delivered with empathy.  And it has to start somewhere  not behind a paywall or inside a mastermind group.  

So here goes.  Stay tuned.

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